Who I Am

Hi, Hola. I’m GrannyFranny, named by my granddaughter, Ellie. I was born in 1943 in Rosebud (a rosebush in every yard), Texas. My daddy didn’t meet me until he was discharged from the Army Air Corp, I was three years old and over indulged by grandparents, aunts and uncles. As the soup is stirred, I’ll share life bits.

Married fifty-eight years ago to my sexy handsome Army 1st Lt., who has loved me and supported me in my many, often far-out pursuits of exploration in all directions.

We grew together with our three daughters, two sons. Seven grandsons and four granddaughters continue to amplify our mixture of fears, sadness, occasional madness and laughter.

We lived in Hong Kong and Singapore, on the shore of Lake Superior. I love the arts, old people, young people, children, dogs, cats, wolves, raccoons, armadillos, all living things. I have to be conscious of passing judgement, and controlling my temper when it wants to growl.

I’m a poet and writer of creative nonfiction and funny fiction. I’ll not be writing about politics. I get enough of political issues in the morning news. I will share the serendipities of my wonderful, sometimes crazy life. Welcome to my WoRd SoUp.