Staying Sane During the Pandemic ii

Up to this day during the– Pandemic of 2020–I have experienced moments of insanity. Example: I missed the skillet after I cracked an organic-large-brown egg, which wasn’t “large,” by the way; and watched yellow sliding down the front of my black glass oven, artfully draining to travertine floor. I actually enjoyed the art-in-motion. Yes, it was my entertainment for the moment, until I realized I had to clean it up, before the dry Arizona air sucked it dry.

Each morning, before I leap out of bed (fact check: I really can’t leap), I thank God for a new day and what will come my way, for the love in my life, for a home, and all that rises to the top of thoughts. I pray for family and friends, for my country and our leaders. and for me to be an instrument of peace and not judge others.

Today I choose to clean our kitchen. The granite island stands defenseless against the folded black apron next to the small-seedless-watermelon, next to the electric griddle that was used a week ago, next to the basket of cloth napkins, next to the wooden and tin turtles (who live there), next to the pink pearl nail polish, next to my ear bud pink case, next to the “To my beautiful wife” Mothers’ Day card. I would go into what’s littered on the other counters, but I am focused on staying sane. Thus, I am committed to loving my kitchen, by giving it a clean sparkle.

I must stop watching the clock, thinking about lunch.

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