Simple Gifts of the Pandemic

I go from feeling comfortable with myself, at ease, to suddenly needing to weep, wanting to be invisible and hide from the reality of this pandemic.

I am freakin’ tired of seeing the grotesque circle with pins stuck into it, COVID-19. I read the morning Arizona Republic, only to see each column referring to “it.” And that is why I’ve entered the unfamiliar world of blogging, which I vowed never to do.

My rewards include visiting memories, through photos. Among those are my butterfly pics from the Butterfly House in the Phoenix Botanical Garden. These beautiful creatures bring me back to the simple gifts that I can miss when managing chores, appointments and important activities that are not all that important. There are no places to go, except we can drive into the desert. I find comfort in the mountains that haven’t moved or shrunk, the Verde River still flows, and the Saguaros stand tall, stately and often comical with their arms pointing in all directions. FaceTiming with our grands, seeing how they’ve matured these months of staying home to protect us. The simplicity of Love and my life give me smiles.

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