Living in the Moment During the Pandemic

I love when a grandkid plays with my iPad, unbeknownst to me, and the /crazy photos make me laugh.

What started as laughing at photo bombs by a grandson, has led me to realizing again that I cannot go back. In this moment I feel sad.

Zane (aka the Zaniac) posted these in 6th grade. He graduates high school in 2021. I miss his funny antics.

Zane was continually surprising and giving us laughs. These are some of the memories sustaining me during this most unusual time. I’m 77, and I never saw myself as this old. I think, in my ignorance, I never thought about being this old — how I’d look, what I would do and where I’d live. During younger years, I was too involved with cooking, dressing and creating a healthy environment for Urb and our kids to think about being older and married fifty-eight years. I’m wondering how I got here so quickly. I was twenty, then suddenly approaching eighty. I gave birth to my first baby, now he is fifty-seven. I feel old today.

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