Pandemic Rhapsody

I started a blog to keep me writing and help me focus on opportunity to look outside these walls and windows. I see beauty in desert gardens. Especially, I see the dedicated men and women taking care of our trash and recycle collections. The dedicated immigrant workers who faithfully care for our landscaping. I see USPS women and men delivering our mail. I see the groceries delivered by a person “safe distancing.” When I go for my regular infusions. I see the health care workers greeting me at Mayo Hospital’s door, checking my temperature and symptoms, before I go for my procedure. My two daughters go to work each day at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix. My grandson works in food service. My husband Urb, is preparing seeds to start milkweed plants along roads leading to a lake. Monarch butterflies will lay their eggs there.

Some days I feel so sad. Prayer, writing and the people I love sustain me in this isolation. The many persons living on the streets in this hostile 117 degrees during the pandemic, prompt me to pray: what is my part in all of this. The social issues of our planet and country, some moments overwhelm my spirit, but connection to our parish community provides cool water to my dry, parched psyche and soul. It seems the earth stood still one day in March. What is my part — my prayer many times a day. 

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