. . . ’tis a gift to be simple, ’tis a gift to be free . . .”

Remembering Life on Mississippi River Wabasha, Minnesota

I need flashback memories during these times of sheltering-at-home-no-end-in-sight moments. Today I feel sad, tired. It’s difficult to focus. I feel silent tears watering my eyes. My friend, Sister Carlan, OSF told me tears wash the windows of our souls. Following another Zombie Walk in the mall, I found this picture of Melissa, aged threeContinue reading “Remembering Life on Mississippi River Wabasha, Minnesota”

Pandemic Rhapsody

I started a blog to keep me writing and help me focus on opportunity to look outside these walls and windows. I see beauty in desert gardens. Especially, I see the dedicated men and women taking care of our trash and recycle collections. The dedicated immigrant workers who faithfully care for our landscaping. I seeContinue reading “Pandemic Rhapsody”

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