I’m feeling sad, trying not to tune in the emotions floating through our country.  There is so much anger raging out “there.” Anger covers fear.  Acting out anger is a defense for the underlying fear. 

     Today, July 4th is a celebration of     THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.  I sense we are fragmented more than I recall in my adult lifetime. I breathe deeply, slowly inhaling an exhaling. I pause, look outside.  I see bougainvillea leaves lightly waving in the breeze. The wind, so free to be who it is invites me to simply be, letting go of all that injures my body, mind and soul. This is no time to seek revenge, to be “right.” I pray to be merciful and forgiving “as I am mercifully forgiven. I let go of needing to feel superior and all knowing.   It’s really about changing me. I learned that from living in family.

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